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Today we will provide you the best cool swag quotes that will increase the charm of your profile story or post. so without wasting your precious time, let”s jump into our swag quotes list.

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1- Being Sober Is The New Definition Of Swag.

2- Stop Thinking About People’s Comments People Are Like Cigarettes One Day They Convert Themselves Into Ash.

3- Swag Is Nothing But Just The Love Yourself Attitude You Have.

4- Everyone Calls Me An Animal Because I Am So Wild.

5- I Am Not A Pet Who Lives In A Cage I Am A Wild Animal Who Walks Freely In The Jungle.

6- They Think That Swag Is In Clothes, But They Do Not Know That Swag Is Just A Child Of Your Attitude.

7- Walk Alone Is Tough But On The Other Hand, It’s Really Cool Though

8- I Don’t Really Care What They Think About Me Because They Are SUch A Huge Fan Of Mine If They Think About Me.

9- Don’t Mess With Me I Really Spit Acid In My Every Word.

10- Swag Is Just Like Common Sense It’s Rare In The Human Species.

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11- The Only Difference Between Me And You Is I Am Real And You Are Not.

12- I Am Not Able To See The Blackboard In The Classroom Because I Am A Backbencher But I Am Able To Watch My Future And It Is Really Clear.

13- My Friend Circle is As Small As Your Mind Thoughts.

14- When No One Opens The Door For You, Remember That The Door Is Closed From Both Sides.

15- Everyone Is A Swagger Until The Real Swagger arrive

16- Hate Me Or Date Me I Really Don’t Care.

17- You Want To Increase Your Follower On Instagram I Want To Increase My Follower In Real Like We Are Not Same.

18- You Think You Are Better Than Ok But First Hold My Beer.

19- Competition With Others Is Not So Cool That’s Why I Am Competing With My Self.

20- I am Born With The Tag Of The Swag.

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21- life Is Really Weird First You Wish To Grow Up Then Wish To Be A Kid Again.

22- Being Ambitious Is The Next Level Of The Swag.

23- I Never Forgive People More Than One Time Because I Am Not An Emotional Fool.

24- Learning From The Failures Of Others Is Super Cool Then Your’s.

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25- Those Who Are Perfect Are Not Real And Those Who Are Really Are Not Perfect.

26- Perfection Is Temporary, Swag Is Permanent.

27- If You’re Walking And They Still Not Stopping You Keep Walking.

28- Never Chase Love And Swag It Will Come To You Naturally.

29- Smile With The Pain Is Really Tough But Awesome.

30- Dance And Smile Like You Don’t Care.

31- Shape Your Ideas To Create The History.

32- Swag Is The Shadow Of Your Attitude.

33- If You Have A Never Give Up Attitude Congratulations You Have Too Much Swag.

34- Having Swag Is Much Better Than Having Fake Friends.

35- Go With The Flow But Don’t Forget To Take Your Swag With You.

36- Keep Your Swag And Your Spectacles Clean.

37- No One Really Had A Perfect Past So Stop Regretting And Keep Walking.

38- Stop Complaining Just Enjoy The Journey Of Your Life.

39- Do Whatever You Want To Do Man.

40- Sorry Kid You Are Unable To Handle My Swag.

41- A Man With Good Sense Of Humor And Unlimited Swag Is Never Get Failed.

42- Capture Moments Not Pictures.

43- I Had Completed My Degree Of Swag You Can See The Degree On My Resume.

44- Don’t Polish Your Shoes Instead Of That Polish Your Swag.

45- Just Because You Are Wearing A Cap And A Hoody That Does N’t Mean You Have Swag.

46- My Swag Stories Are More Interesting Than Your Love Stories.

47- Don’t Find Swag In Other Peoples Just Be You And That’s It You Got The Swag.

48- Stop Being A Nerd Who Lives Under The Book Start Learning From The Outer World.

49- Sorry, You Are Not Eligible To Handle My Swag.

50- Some Times I Feel Like I Am The Founder Of The Swag.

51- I Am Introvert And You Know What You Can’t Handle My Swag.

52-A Man Converts Into Gentleman Just After Adding The Swag In His Personality.

53- I Am Fearless Bcoz I Know God Always There For Me.

54- A Women With The Swag Looks More Gorgeous Than A Woman With 6 Inches Makeup Layer.

55- Swag Is Like Nirvana Only Very Few People Have That.

56- A Girl With The Swag Is A Woman From Heaven.

57- God Gifts Me Swag On My First Birthday.

58- I’m Not Single I Am Committed With My Swag.

59- Don’t Teach Father How To Make Babies.

60- I Want To Do Hard Work But I’m Not In The Mood.

61- I Am Not Interested In Reading History Because I’m Interested In Creating.

62- I Don’t Need Your Attitude I Have My Own.

63- Stay Original And Let The World Copy You.

64- Don’t Trust Anyone People And Trends Are Always Changing.

65- One Day She Will Tells Her Kids The Story Of My Swag.

66- Loud Music Chilled Beer And Long Rides Are The Deadliest Combinations Ever.

67- Those Who Hate Me Keep It Up Even I Don’t Love You.

68- I Have So Much Anger In My Heart But Still I’m Still Cool.

69- Think Before React You Are A Man Not A Toy.

70- I Know What I’m Doing Don’t Try To Be My Father.

71- Being Different Is Classy.

72- I Am In Silence With You Because The Bull Never Fight With A Calf.

73- Doctor Finds A Huge Amount Of Swag In My Blood Report.

74- They Think They Are Players But They Don’t Know I Am The Bloody Coach.

75- Age Is Just A Number It’s The Swag That Makes The Difference.

76- Convert Your Weakness Into Strengths.

77- Your Behavior Towards Me Determines My Behavior Towards You
Courageous Never Cry They Try.

78- Do Not Spend Your Precious Time On Others Because Others Do Not Want To Spend Their Precious Time On You.

79- In Today’s Era, Not Slow And Steady Wins But Fast And Steady Wins The Race.

80- When The World Scares You, Life Gives You A Chance To Be A Brave, So Just Grab The Chance.

81- My Bad Time Today Will Be One Of My Best Memories Of Tomorrow.

82- I Will Not Quit Until I Become A Lit.

83- Confidence Is The Confirmation Code When You Signed Up In A Swag.

84- If You Do Not Keep Secrets By Yourself You Will Not Regret Because Of Yourself.

85- If You Love Yourself, You Will Always Get Love In Return.

86- Stay Strong And Bang Your Chest Like A King Kong.

87- In The Journey Of Life Always Laugh And Just Keep Going.

88- If You Feel That Everything Is Over, Remember Tomorrow Is One More Day To Try Once More.

89- I Know Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs And I’m Enjoying This Roller Coaster Ride.

90- Stay Strong Keep Them Wondering How You’re Still Smiling.

91- Always Remember It’s Not The Worst That You Are Facing Off So Just Be Happy.

92- Mistakes Are The Vehicles That Take You To The Destiny Of Success.

93- I Always Choose Enjoying Instead Of Sadness Because It’s Difficult To Wait But It’s More Difficult To Regret.

94- being crazy is my favorite excuse for being crazy.

95- If age is just a number then why everyone is tryng to hide like their bank account number.

96- hardwork pays off but din’t know what?

97- Stop telling me the definition of life I have my own.

98- Opinions are like garbage just stay away from them.

99- Money can’t buy happiness but money can buy those things that makes you Happy.

100- Promblem Kindly stay away from me or find a way For me.

101- I’M the devil don’t judge me until you are not on my Leval.

102- Just choose me or Excuse me.

103- It’s hard to find a guy like you, i don’t know why I found you.

104- Life is like relationship you don’t don’t want to be in a relatioship but you can’t live without relationship.

105- Imperfection is the new perfection.

106- I’M bald that’s why i’m hair free and care free.

107- I don’t care for those who don’t care.

108- God is the head but due to too many complaints i’m worried about God’s Head.


109- If You Are Hotter Then Me That Means I’m Cooler Than You.

110- You Look Like Something I Drew With My Left Hand.

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111- My 2 Words And 1 Finger Are Perfect For You.

112- You Are An Artist Draw Your Life As Like As You Want.

113- If You Run Like Your Mouth You Will Be The Fastest Man On The Earth.

114- Swag Is The Fruit Of The Terr Named Silence.

115- Swag Is Not “They Will Like Me” Swag Is “I’ll Be Fine If They Don’t.

116- I Know Hell Is The Second Home After My Death And I Am Excited.

117- Work Hard Until You Find Your Face On Google In The Image Section.

118- If You Are Not Google Then Why You Are Acting Like You Know Everything.

119- Stop Insulting Your Self By Comparing Yourself With Others.

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120- The Empty Cup Tells My Haters How Much I Care For Them.

121- I’d Tell You To Go To Hell But Don’t Want To See You Again.

122- I Am A Man Who Has Nothing To Fear And Nothing To Lose.

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123- A Fish With Closed Mouth Never Get Caught.

124- Karma Has No Menu You Get What You Really Deserve.

125- Play Smart Act Like You Don’t Notice Anything.

126- There’s Is Always A Hidden Truth Behind Every Just Kidding.

127- Don’t Flirt With Me Because I Will Flirt Back And You Will Fall In Love Alone.

128- Sarcasm Falls Out Of My Mouth Kinda Like Stupidity Falls Out From Yours.

129- Fake People Have An Image To Maintain Real People Just Don’t Care.

130- You Don’t Have Enough Big Inch Tape To Measure My Swag.

131- I Am Sick But There Is No Cure For That.

132- I Am Not Silent I’m Mature Now.

133- Good Personality And Badass Swag Are Twins Brothers.

134- I Am A Full-Time Crazy Guy Who Just Got Normal Time To Time.

135- Count Your Fires First And Then Finish Them One By One.

136- Haters Are Like Writers They Always Try To Serve Hate In Your Plate But It’s Your Choice To Taste The Hate Or Not.

137- When It Comes To Enjoyment Every Risk Is Worth It.

138- If You Don’t Want To Laugh With Me Just Go Away I Have My Own Company To Laugh With.

139- I Am Waiting For My Old Age So That I Can Tell My Hilarious Incidents To My Grandchildren.

140- I Don’t Want Weapon I Have A Mind.

141- Smoking Doesn’t Make You Coll You Look Like A Gene That Comes Out Of The Lamp.

142- Those Who Take Drugs Are Like Bugs They Are Good For Nothing.

143- Do Not Present Evidence Of Your Innocence In Front Of Them, They Are Not Judges.

144- I Hear Very Thing But I React On None.

145- Why Fall In Fake Love When You Can Fall Asleep.

146- I Enjoy Long Romantic Walks To The Fridge.

147- There Will Never Be A Bad Hair Day In My Life Because I Am Bald.

148- I Have No Idea What I’m Doing But I Know I’m Doing Really Well.

149- Cheaters Never Win, But Some Of Them Become Politicians.

150- Doing Timepass Is The Best Timepass.

151- I Had To Put My Grades For Adoption Because I Couldn’t Raise Them.

152- If You Like Water. Congratulation Like 72% Of Me.

153- If Nobody Is Perfect Then Why They All Trying To Be.

154- All The Liars In The World Are Giving Speech Not To Lie.

155- Remember the lesson they given to you but Don’t remember your X and your X mates.

156- Sometimes wasting tume is the best use of the time.

157- Don’t eat painkiller just kill the pain.

158- Be social physically not by through media.

159- Have one life enjoy it or go to heaven.

160- Just play for win or for the team who will win.

161- Haters are like food don’t hate the just ate them.

162- If the life is yours then why you gave importance to others.

163- The only person I can’t live without is myself

164- I Never lie is the biggest lie for sure.

165- If you dom’t want to work longer just work for yourself.

166- Say to show not just for show.

167- Instead of following them just follow your dreams.

168- Don’t try to flex your lies clothes just look at you the truth stand’s neked neext to you.

169- It’s tough to be real when everyone who is sitting next to you is an actor.


tum jaha Pe Sochna Khatam karte ho me vaha se sochna shuru krta hu

jitna badal sakte the badal liya khud ko… ab jisko shikayat ho vo apna rasta badal le.

meri khamosi ko meri kamjori mat samjhna, ham man hi man bahut gaaliyan dete hai

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nakal to sab karlete h jab barabari hojaye tab btana

mene manga par jhuka nahi, jab tak ayi dene me rukha nhi

socha tha chali jaoge mujhe chodkar par rhe gyi ho sath aag ke daag bankar

ab har roj pal – pal khatam ho rhe hai mujhe mere apne vo bhi mujhe dekh meri trhe, nakli muskurana seekh chuke hai

mera attitude hi meri nishani hai agar apko smjh ni ata toh vo apki pareshani hai

tum hogi rajkumari apne khayalo me par hum bhi to sahjade hai iss nafrat bhari duniya me kuch tumhare toh kuch hamare bhi diwaane hai

tumhe chhode jo dil me mai bas sawal likhta huh, aur logo ko lagta hai mai kitna bemisal likhta hun

agar tumhari ginti badmasho mai hoti hai toh hamara name bhi kabhi sharifon ki ginti me nahi aya

khatre me tumhari roj ki ibadat pad jayegi, mujhse baat kroge toh meri adat pd jayegi

tumhe lagta hain ki galat hun mai, toh sahi ho tum, kuki thoda aalag hun mai

voh pasand hi kya jisko pasand aane ke liye khud ko badalna pade

mat karo meri peeth ke piche baat jakar kone main, varna jindagi beet jayegi bas rone main

hamara style aur attitude hi kuch aalag hain, barabari karne jaaoge toh beek jaoge

swag quotes and captions

” mujhe milna hai aasman se, unchaiyon par nahi, usse kaho niche aye “

” jin logo ko mujhse nafrat hain vo karte rhe, main konsa sabse pyaar krta hu ”

” mene kuch log laga rkhe hain pith piche baat krne ke liye pagar kuch nahi hain unki par kaam badi imandari se karte hain ”

najar andaz jitna karna hain karlo andaza, andaza us din ka bhi karlo jis din ham najar nahi ayenge

mijaj hamara bhi kuch kuch hain samundar ke pani jesa khare hain magar khare hain

hamare purvag toh pattharo se aag lga lagate the, ham toh baato se hi lga dete hain

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takat apne lafjoh me daalo avaag me nahi, kyunki fasal barish se ugti hain ?baad se nahi.

mujhe mere vajood ki haad tak mat janiyega kyunki main behad hun, behisab hun


dekh pagli aankho me nami aur looks main kami ham kabhi nahi rakhte

Seher bhar main hamari sirf do hi pahechan hain phela aankhe sharabi aur dusra aadat navabi

pagli mahobbat toh dil dekh kar ki jati hain face dekh kar toh setting hoti hain

are pagli jitne ladke tere friend list mai hai us se jyada ladkiya mere block list mein hain

main toh tumko bhi samajh leta par kya karu me abhi apne me vyast hun

sehenshil hu iska ye matlab nahi hain ki tum dard hi dete rahoge

apne kam se kam rakhna chahiye bahut acchi baat hain lekin hamare kam se aur kitne log apna kam nikal rahe hain, thodi se najar is par bhi rakhni chahiye

tumhara dard bhula nahi pa rhe aur, tumhara kiya pyaar ham bhulana nahi chahte

ye duniya hain sahab, yaha logo ko dikkat toh honi hi hain kuch karo tab bhi na karo tab bhi

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samundar me terna seekhon nadhi toh par ho hijayegi

doli sajake le jane walo me se nahi hai ham, goli chlake thokne valo me se hai ham

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swag quotes

jawab dena mjhe bhi ata par abhi tum is kabil nhi.

akela rhta hu navab ki trhe jhund me rhekar kutta banne ki adat nahi

hame harne ka nhi jitne ka shaukh hai, hame harane ki sochne vale pahuch gye parlok

ham bhi sabke baap hai, jo uljha hamse vo samsan mai rakh hai”

bure hai ham tabhi toh je rahe hai, ache hote toh duniya kaha jeene deti

tu kal bhi dil mai thi aur aaj bhi hai, bas kaltak favourite list mai thi aur aj block list mai hai

ho sake toh dilo mai rhena seekho, guroor mai toh harkoi rheta hai

sun jitna tu rud hai usse jyada to hamara attitude hai

dil bada karo, badi baate toh sabhi kar lete hai

utna hi bolo jitna sun sako, log bhi muh me juba rakhte hai, sirf tum hi nahi.

style mera, character mera, life meri, lekin problem duniya ko ho rahi hai


kuch sahi toh kuch kharab khete hai, log hame bigda hua navab khete hai

kuch chige peso se nhi milti aur mjhe unhi chigo ka shaukh hai

yai toh ham hai jo apna pyaar nibha rahe hai, jis din chodkar chale jayenge aukat pata chal jayegi tujhe khud ki

tere chehre ke hajaro chahne vale, par baby mere status ke lakho deewane

har cheeg uthayi ja sakti hai par giri hui soch nahi

kuch log sab kuch seekh jate hain bas, tameez nahi seekh pate

usne gusse se kaha apki tareef? mene pyaar se kaha jee bharke kijiye

kuch log se unhi ke lehege se baat ki jaye toh bura man jate hain”

baat nafrat ki hoti toh siddhat se karte, mahobbat se toh apna 36 ka aakda hai

aaj kal ladkiya bhi ladko se kam nahi majal hai ki ghar ka koi kaam kar le

Aajkal ladkiyan bhi ladko Se Kam Nahin majal hai ki ghar ka koi kam kar le

bande Ke Pass Agar Jigar Ho Toh Bina Trigger Ke bhi dushmanon Ki vaat Lagaye Ja sakti hai

Andaaz Kuchh alag Hai Mera Sabko attitude ka shauk hai mujhe attitude todne ka

beta jyada uchlo maat ham sab ishaare samajhte hain aur acche se aukaat dikhate hain

main jhuk jau masla aasan ho jayega lekin isse mere kirdar ka bada nuksan ho jayega

usne kaha, tum mujhe jeher lagti ho, mene bhi boldiya khake marja

bahut sakoon milta hai jalne walo ko aur jalane mai

agar jindagi mai shaan se jeena hai toh thoda attitude aur style toh dikhana padta hai

tevar na dikhaoge toh log ankh dikhane lag jate hain

ijjat do ijjat lo, navavb honge tum apne ghar mai

duniya ke har rishte ko itne bakhoobi se nibhaya hai dushmano ko attitude se bhagaya toh, apno ko seedha dil mai basaya hai

vakt – vakt ki baat hai aaj apka hai, toh ud lijiye kal hamara hoga toh seedha uda denge

dusman se kya ladenge apno se toh fursat mile

gussa toh mjhe virasat me mila hai

tu bhi aajma le ae jindagi tujhe kisne rokha hai, attitude apna bemisal hai, jise dekhkar tu kya har koi chauka hai

Aajkal ki relationship trust se Kam aur screenshot Se Jyada Chalti Hai

style mai dashing, jigar mai daring, dil mai caring, bas ab ladki chahiye jo kar sake ham se matching

apni aukat me rhena seekh beta, varna jo hamari aankhon main khatakte hain, vo samsan mai bhatakte hain

bheed ikatthi karke toh koi bhi harana aasan hai lekin maja tab hai jab aapka name sunte hi bheed mai bhagdad mach jaye

sun bai londey hamse panga aur bhari mehfeel me danga dono khatarnak hai

mard ka jigra bada hona chahiye varna muche toh billiyo ki bhi hoti hai

agar jindagi me kuch pana ho toh tarike badlo irade nahi

mere pas junoon hai tabhi toh tera guroor mere samne chakna chur hai

phechan kya hoti hai duniya ko ham batayenge bina name aaye the, par bina name kiye nahi jayenge

Aajkal bus ek hi kaam rhe gaya hai Logon Ka Bharosa Aur Dil Todo FIR sorry boldo

didar ki talab ho toh najre jamaye rakhna kyunki navab ho ya naseeb sarakta jaroor hai

rukavate toh jinda insan ke liye hai, mayiyat ke liye toh sab rasta chod dete hai

mijaj jinke alag hote hain, charche unhi ke hote hain

jo nahi ho sakta, vahi to karke dikhan hai

unhone hame dhakka diya tha dubane ke irade se anjam ye nikla ham terak ban gye

saale vo sab bhi attitude ke deewane bane ja rahe hai, jinhe ye bhi nahi pata ki attitude me kitne “t” hote hain

ham bhi sareefon ki ginti mai aate hain, agar koi ungli na kare toh”

koshish toh sab karte hain lekin sabka raaj nahi hota, attitude sabke pas hai lekin hamare jesa andaaz nahi hota

Logon ke pass Dikhane ko koi talent Nahin Hota vah Aksar apni aukat dikha Jaate Hain

ham un logo mai se nahi jo google par status khojte hain, mera status log google par khojte hain

aankh uthakr bhi na dekhu, jisse mera dil na mile, jabran sabse hath milana, mere bas ki baat nahi

Jindagi Mein Bar Bar Sahara Nahin Milta aur jo humse Uljha uska Naam O Nishan Nahin Milta

Akhbar Kitna bhi purana ho kabhi waste Nahin Hota status Kitna bhi ultimate Ho Kabhi parmanent Nahin Hota

Tum khush ho aaj Kyunki Anjan ho abhi Haqeeqat Se Hamara to attitude hi ye hai ki Dushman Pareshan Hamari shakhsiyat se

Hukumat dusron ke Dam per to koi bhi kar le Apne Dam per Chha Jaaye vah Ham Hain

Andhere Mein Teer Nahin chhodte Dushman Kitni bhi Dur Ho haddi Tode Bina kabhi Nahin Chhodte

padhte kya ho Aankhon Mein Meri Kahani attitude Mein Rahana to Aadat Hai Meri purani

Apne pass hi Rakho Apne 2 din bad wala kimati reply mujhe nahin chahiye

” Barsat Ke makode Hamen Yahi sikhate Hain Ki Jin Logon ke Pankh lag Jaate Hain vah bus Kuchh Hi Din ke Mehman Hote Hain”


My 2 Words And 1 Finger Are Perfect For You.


jawab dena mjhe bhi ata par abhi tum is kabil nhi .


Everyone calls me an animal because I am so wild

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