Damn life is tough but it is beautiful as well. life is full of UP’S and downs sometimes we lose our hope and one-sentence mark my words only one sentence gives you the hope and believe to achieve whatever we want these sentences are known as heart touching quotes its not just about success but everything that we want so after so many beautiful talks with you I’m feeling really well and I want from you to feel like me so that’s why today we are here to show you the list of heart touching quotes I hope after reading this article you are able to find your hope and believe so without wasting lot more time lets dive into the ocean of heart touching quotes.


-heart touching quotes about life | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about life

1- Do not imprison your life in a box, a person should be imprisoned in a box only when he dies.

2- There are only two ways to live life, live with the wrong things inside you, or second, take the responsibility to correct the wrong.

3- Do not think about how to defeat others instead of that think how to win.

4- No matter how much you try in life, something will remain incomplete So enjoy with everything you have.

5- Do not wait for retirement to do the things you love, who know whether you will be alive till retirement or not.

6- The coin has both heads and tails, but the whole world give preference to that who comes first.

7- the only difference between loser and winner is of the hunger.

8- Life is not a 100-meter race life is a marathon only thone can win who can run steadily not those who can only run fast.

9- Life always gives you a chance to win don’t waste the chance.

10- When something is gone something better is waiting for you.

-heart touching quotes about life | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about life

11- Do not afraid of taking risk Every risk provides you the biggest chance you have ever had.

12- Those who do not have enough guts to think big will never achieve big.

13- A poor man either wins or learns but he never loses.

14- No matters how many times you fall if you still moving the game is on.

15- I can do it is confidence and only I can do it is ego.

16- forgot the past and welcome every moment which is standing just next to you.

17- Life is like money you can spend it only once don’t waste it on others.

18- there is no benefit of being cool like ice, it is hard for a while and then melts.

19-Those who do not have true friends are not rich they are the poorest.

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20- Every big mistake of life gives you the biggest lesson that guides you in the journey of your life.

-heart touching quotes about life | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about life

21- Every upcoming day of your life is an opportunity just grab it don’t waste it.

22- You should just be proud of every status of your life no matter what.

23- If you have faith in everything God has created, why not yourself.

24- Don’t worry about tomorrow, the God who has handled you till today will also take care of your tomorrow.

25- Don’t wish for a better life always wish for the better you.

26- Relationships are not the waste of time relationships are lesson just read them and learn from them.

27- If you want to know your self just walk alone in the silence and talk to your self.

28- Do what you’re good at don’t what you heard it’s good.

29- Life is a trip and every day here is an adventurous.


30- Life is a gamble always play here for the win.

-heart touching quotes about life | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about life

31- Smile is the best skill and silence is the best talent in the world.


32- Don’t blame others for your failure if the effort is your’s then you are the only one who is responsible.

33- Being broke is a part of a journey but Stay broke is a choice.

34- Our brain is like a pressure cooker, if you put pressure on the cooker properly then food will be formed and if given more then the cooker explodes.

35- in this world Everyone is in pain, the only difference is if someone tells, then someone hides.

36- Life is too short to regret and too big to achieve something you want.

37- Most helping peoples are strangers and most betrayed peoples are someone who knows you.

38- The worst part of your life gives you the loudest laugh in the future.

39- Don’t feel useless feeling useless about yourself is an early death.

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40- Sadness is the result of high expectations not from yourself but others.

-heart touching quotes about life | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about life

41- memories follow you in every part of your life sometimes it’s good but mostly it’s bad.

42- IN the book of life the answer aren’t in the back
Charlie Brown

43- Only parents give you love for free, after this, You have to pay something in every relationship for love.

44- More challenges mean better changes in life.

45- The less you say the more they want to hear you.

46- Your achievements make you unique, otherwise there are thousands of people with one name.

47- be patient because good time will come but on its own time.

48- Never believe on assumption but always belives on facts and figures for success.

49- It doesn’t matter what you hear about yourself, it matters what you believe because you become what you believe.

50- We do not have to run nor have to stop in the race for life, the only thing we have to do is just keep walking.

-heart touching quotes about life | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about life

51- Success comes from experience and experience comes from mistakes so don’t afraid of doing mistakes.

52- Your life is a reflection of your actions and nothing else.

53- The biggest teacher of life is passion.

54- You just have to focus on learning. Earning will start automatically.

55- Do what you want to do, not what the world wants you to do.

56- A wish changes nothing, a decision changes something but a determination changes everything.

57- Learning is a sign of a living human who stops learning, nothing more than a dead body.

58- work without thinking and thinking without working is the signs of failure peoples.

59- If you believe that everything happens for good, then things like bad luck doesn’t exist in this world.

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60- If you want to be happy every second of your life, then look at the positive side of everything you see.

-Every big thing starts with the small | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about life

61- Every big thing starts with the small.

62- You can’t lose any battle of life unless and until you leave the battleground.

63- Every person has two choices, first I have to just complete life and second I have to live life.

64- The one who gets lost in his passion always finds the success.

65- Life will give you everything but first, you have to pass the challenges given by it.

66- If you are not facing any problem, then understand that God does not consider you enough worthy who solve them.

67- Every kite will go to the trash, but before that the kite that touches the sky, people remember that kite.

68- Troubles transforms you from worst to the best.

69- hustle and struggle will increase your muscle.

70- Don’t only love yourself but also live for yourself.

-Don't make commitments to others because commitments create unwanted deadlines | BOOKMARK STATUS

71- Don’t make commitments to others because commitments create unwanted deadlines.

72- commitments without thinking results in unwanted deadlines.

73- The size of the dream defines the size of your future car.

74- Always remember you are like the wind you’re unstoppable.

75- Don’t set the limit just go limitless.

76- remember Everything is temporary in this world, even problems.

77- Life is nothing but just like a river if you want to be successful just be the best swimmer.

78- Those who walk alone talk don’t wait for someone just steps up and rock alone.

79- Don’t wait for the destiny just go and create your own.

80- Just forgive and move forward that’s what God wants from you.

-If you ever feel like unarmed remember god gifts you the greatest weapon named brain | BOOKMARK STATUS

81- If you ever feel like unarmed remember god gifts you the greatest weapon named brain.

82- I agree that life is difficult but you also have to agree that it is exciting.

83- Don’t convert your kindness into blindness.

84- Sometimes silence talks the most.

85- just spread love, hate will end by itself.

86- Happiness is like medicine it heals all your wounds.

87- Life is a long way, don’t give up here soon.

88- Struggle makes you sharp and ego makes you blunt.

89- small changes create a big difference.

90- If you fail once that doesn’t make you a failure.

-Reminder the person who broke you will not be the one who fixes you | BOOKMARK STATUS

91- Reminder the person who broke you will not be the one who fixes you.

92- Wake up every morning and thank God that you have got another chance this morning to enjoy your life.

93- Overthinking leaves you on the road of negative thoughts.

94- The biggest wall you’ve gotta climb is one you build in your mind.

95- You can see the dream of changing the world only if you dare to change yourself.

96- Sometimes we can win some battles with love.

97- Live in today don’t worry God will take care of your tomorrow.

98- A good man always know the difference between need and greed.

99- Every person is born unique but following someone converts him into first copy.

100- If you want to be trusted just be honest.

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-heart touching quotes about love | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about love

1 – Roads of feelings leads you to the destiny of love.

2- My life is yours because you are my life now.

3- All drugs are faded except you my love.

4- I don’t want a royal partner I just want a loyal partner.

5- the harsh reality is they don’t want a soul to love they want the body.

6- True love is the one that does not leave you in difficult times.

7- It shines more than the sun if the love is true.

8- Simplicity of love is the dignity of love.

9- The first and the last rule of true relationship is no rules.

10- Love means to protect the same self-respect of two people.

-heart touching quotes about love | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about love

11- It’s easy to love but hard to maintain.

12- Love revives up your inner soul who has died.

13- Love means not touching the body love means touching the heart.

14- Every heart is a temple and love is worship for it.

15- love and friendship are two different words with the same meaning.

16–We can not say love to selfishness.

17- Love is a castle built by trust.

18- Love is the sweetest pain and the sweetest medicine for that pain.

19- Those who can never be best friends can never become couples.

20- Relationships are not the weakness they are the biggest strength.

-heart touching quotes about love | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about love

21- Every next second of my life I want to see you again.

22-The strongest and the truest feeling is love.

23- Sadness shrinks when the love spreads.

24- It is not easy to have such love which does not get love in return.

25 – We can’t buy this world through money, but we can win this world through love.

26- Love is the journey from unknown to be the special one.

27- Every wound would be healed if you are with me.

28- Not me but my feelings for you will endless.

29- When you don’t care about standards, level of any person that means you are in love.

30- Outer beauty makes a picture beautiful but inner beauty makes a relationship beautiful.

-heart touching quotes about love | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about love

31- I own the phone she still owns my image gallery.

32- Late night talks and early good morning texts makes the relationship more beautiful.

33- You are in the right relationship if your partner Understand the meaning of your silence.

34- Her smile is like the sun shines her hairs are like the darkest nights.

35- Your presence and your voice makes me calm.

36- Attention, respect, and compliment are the things that every girl wants from his man.

37- The only thing that money can’t buy is love.

38- Every time I see you I feel lucky to have you.

39- Seeing you is the reason I want to live for.

40- Right relationships celebrate every day like Valentines’ day.

-The relationships with no doubts and no fears are the best ones | BOOKMARK STATUS
best heart touching quotes about love

41- The relationships with no doubts and no fears are the best ones.

42- I found love when I lost myself in your thoughts.

43- I want to be with you now, then and for forever.

44- When someone else looks into my eyes, I feel weird, but when you look in my eyes, I feel lucky.

45- A relationship means to come together to make each other better.

46- Trust, Support, Fearlessness, no secrets are the four pillars of the strong relationship.

47- My heartbeat sounds like a melody when I’m with you.

48- Perfect love doesn’t exist but true love is.

49- Smile on her face looks like blossoms on a tree

50- Her thoughts are as beautiful as her face.

-A true partner is the one who is in so many problems himself, but try to solve your problems first | BOOKMARK STATUS

51- A true partner is the one who is in so many problems himself, but try to solve your problems first.

52- True love will give you so many good memories that you will usually get used to living in Nostalgia.

53- Small moments are one of the biggest ones in love.

54- In this Dog eats dog world if someone is showing you the gesture of pure kindness trust me he is the one.

55- Love does not mean to open clothes, love means to open all the secrets inside you.

56- In love, if you win the trust you win the heart.

57- Your every single touch gives me peace.

58- Small lies destroy the greatest love stories very easily.

59- I just wanna be with you no matter whether we are alive or dead.

60- Her beauty is a purifier that made my heart pure.

-Her eyes are like fog her hairs are like dark night sky she is not just a girl she is the nature | BOOKMARK STATUS

61- Her eyes are like fog her hairs are like dark night sky she is not just a girl she is the nature.

62- She belongs to me I belong to her she loves me and even I love her.

63- Love is not about to take it’s all about to give.

64- Love is hard to explain but easy to express.

65- true love with wildness is a lethal combination.

66- I want to come so close to you that we can hear each other’s heartbeats.

67- Love is not a one-page letter love is the library full of books.

68- Life is too short there is no time to leave important feelings unexpressed.

69- After love with you I got to know that true love still exists.

70- A true victory is to give up against your life partner in small arguments.

-In the world full of backstabbers you see my back support | BOOKMARK STATUS

71- In the world full of backstabbers you see my back support.

72- The safest place in the world is your heart.

73- I feel safe when you hug me tight.

74- When I am with you I wish this time would stop here.

75- Your love texts makes me blush instantly.

76- I want to hold you in my arms for forever.

77- My fast heartbeats tells you how many love feelings I have for you.

78- I love you like the crops love the rain.

79- All the goals of my life start from you and end at you.

80- I promise I will take care of you until the day that my breath is taken away from me.

-When I'm lost in a dark road you came like the light in my life that guides me | BOOKMARK STATUS

81- When I’m lost in a dark road you came like the light in my life that guides me.

82- My heart is working very well since you have settled in it.

83- You are the one and only landlord of my heart.

84- Only I am entitled to hangout in your arms, heart and your lap.

85- I will never leave your hand on the dark roads.

86- I found you in every beautiful thing in nature.

87- My broken heart pieces stick again when you hug me for the first time.

88- There are black spots on the moon too. This is the biggest lie in the world. I don’t see any stain in you.

89- My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but they always choose to go in your way.

90- I do not know where my fate will take me, but take me anywhere, you should be with me.

-You are my happiest blessing, which God has approved | BOOKMARK STATUS

91- You are my happiest blessing, which God has approved.

92- You are my kind of perfect which I want.

93- Those diamonds of memories are priceless for me which I made with you.

94- When two beautiful faces became a couple they create the best picture to be captured but when two beautiful minds met they create the unforgettable love story.

95- I do not have time to find flaws in you I’m very busy in counting the good things inside you.

96- No matters how many times we fought we still have the deep love inside our heart.

97- I just don’t want to sleep with you I want to wake up and even died with you.

98- My mind stops thinking and my heart starts beating when I’m with you.

99- I smile again when I see you again.

100- I can’t shape those feelings into words But just understand that I love you.

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